The University Sports Association (AZS - Akademicki Zwiazek Sportowy) is the biggest sports students organisation in Poland, that exists from the beginning of the 20th century. The AZS as the association was established in 1909 in Krakow and from there spread to all academic centers across the country. Because of believing in universal values, the AZS has survived all political circumstances, that Poland witnessed in last one hundred years. That is why AZS history is so great and successful and the association is nowadays the biggest students organisation in Poland.


At present the AZS has more than 42 000 members, associated in more than 250 clubs, that trains in about 3 000 sections. We have many supporters thanks to our universal values, such as: love of sport, promotion of healthy and active lifestyle. For our members sport is not only about muscles and medals. In the first place it is a passion to achieve goals, that seem to be impossible.